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RWDY realizes that in the 21st century oil patch, consulting services have become a major part of almost any oil company endeavor.

RWDY strives to provide good, reliable oil field hands at a fair, reasonable price.

The founders of RWDY have a combined total of 60 years experience in the Oil & Gas industry. In many cases, a RWDY consultant is someone that we have worked with during a previous project. Since we have worked with a lot of people, we try to pick the best ones to become part of the RWDY team.

As you know, word spreads pretty quickly in the oil field. Lots of people who already have jobs contact us about joining the RWDY team. Any consultant that we put on a new job will be interviewed by RWDY personnel to verify their individual qualifications. We are not going to risk our good name by just putting a warm body on the job site!

RWDY is capable of providing personnel on an ad-hoc basis or staffing your entire project.

RWDY is working with large, blue chip companies and small, independent operators. We take pride in excellent performance no matter who we are working with.


950 Echo Lane
Suite 200
Houston, Texas 77024

Phone: 713-984-7554

Brian Owen